Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Make it New" @ Middlesex Lounge, 9/25/2008

Hey Z Peeps,

Just a late heads up that this Thursday, WZBC's Will Lynch (co-host of "Persuasion" on Thursday NCP2) will be DJing at the Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge, opening for Shed, a critically acclaimed producer from Berlin. Shed is a regular at the infamous Berghain/Panoramabar, and released his debut album earlier this month on Ostgut-Ton, one of the most provocative and influential house/techno labels running. This will be his first performance ever in the US, and its only $5. So, if you're the type that parties on Thursday nights, and you find yourself jonesing for a bit of untz untz, come on down, and feel free to say hi. I'll be the guy trying not to wet his pants behind the DJ booth from 9pm-10pm, and 10:45-11:30. Hope to see some of you there!