Friday, July 24, 2009

Test Pattern tonight - Iridite Productions

Tonight's Test Pattern will focus on Glasgow label Iridite Productions. From their press package:

"It’s all about the music"

Iridite was founded on this principle in the summer of 1999. Dedicated to producing quality electronic dance music, and acting as a platform for both established and new artists whose work was yet to be heard. This music would be unified not strictly by genre but by its quality, the styles ranging from down tempo to Detroit inspired Techno, Dub and House. Initially the aim was to bring together different artists on each release, each track being the strongest possible selection by that artist for the EP at that time, creating a fluid mix of high quality music without trying to hard to be overtly "eclectic".

From Matt:

I will be playing tracks from Iridite's entire 10-year history (well, most of it). If time permits, I will also present some unreleased, untitled tracks by unnamed artists coming up on future Iridite releases.

Listen in tonight at 6PM on 90.3 FM or