Thursday, June 18, 2009

WZBC Studio 2009

Local photographer and guitarist Christy Romanick stopped by WZBC studios on June 11, 2009. She not only snapped a few pics but also produced and hosted an entire episode of Flyweight - with just 30 seconds of training. Here are some of her pix.

For more information:

And for the record, here is her stunning playlist:

Helium “Baby's Going Underground” from The Dirt of Luck CD
Destroyalldreamers “Wish I Was All Dreams” from Wish I Was All Flames CD
The Depreciation Guild “A Room, A Canvas” from In Her Gentle Jaws CD
Moscow Olympics “Ocean Sign” from Ocean Sign CD
Air Formation “In Formation” from Ends In Light CD
My Bloody Valentine “Drive It All Over Me” from You Made Me Realise CD
Jessamine “Corrupted Endeavor” from Don't Stay Too Long CD

Bowery Electric “Out Of Phase” from Bowery Electric CD
All in The Golden Afternoon “All In The Golden Afternoon” from All In The Golden Afternoon CD
Jessica Bailiff “Crush (version 2)” from Old Things CD
Low/Piano Magic/ Transient Waves “Sleep At The Bottom” 7"

The Lily's “Coby” CD Single
South Pacific “Built To Last” from 33 CD
Monoland “Motel Fumatore” from Cooning CD
LSD and The Search for God “This Time” from LSD and The Search For God EP
Hammock “The Air Betweeen Us” from Kenotic CD

Amp “So Hot (wash away all my tears)” from Tribute To Spacemen 3 CD
Hood “September Brings The Autumn Dawn” from The Cycle of Days and Seasons
Clear Horizon “For Days” from Clear Horizon
The Longest Day
“Silver” from Slumber CD
Cloudsound “Asteroid Harbor Lullaby” from Cloudsound

Thisquietarmy “Radio-Galaxy Quasar” from Transmissions
Windy & Carl “Smeared” from Introspections
Landing “Blue (for Rav)” from Centrifuge
Snow In Mexico “Velvet” from Snow in Mexico CD
Auburn Lull “Finland Station” from Alone I Admire CD

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Test Pattern : Too Pure Records

Every Friday at 6PM, WZBC presents Test Pattern - a one hour spotlight on a band, label, genre, or theme as hosted by a different ZBC DJ each week. This Friday, Flyweight host, Ravioli features a retrospective of the (sadly) defunct Too Pure Records.

Formed in London in 1990, Too Pure became an instant super-indie giving the world PJ Harvey, Stereolab, Moonshake, Th Faith Healers, Mouse on Mars, Electrelane, Laika, Seefeel, McClusky, Pram, Long Fin Killie, Hefner, Seely, Scout Niblett, Voodoo Queens and more. The label was ultimately absorbed by 4AD Records last year, though they still operate a singles club. We'll try to squeeze many songs as we focus on the early days of the label.

Tune in this Friday June 12 at 6PM on WZBC 90.3 FM in the Boston area or online at and on iTunes.