Tuesday, April 29, 2008

WZBC 35TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY and Neptune Reviewed in Pitchfork

For those of you who live under rocks or with overly protective parents, we are in fact turning 35 and are planning on celebrating our encroaching middle age with a balls out rock fest at TT the Bears this Saturday.

Doors at 8:30
No Age
Big Digits
The Big Disappointments

Get there early kids, this shit is sure to sell out. Or listen in all this week to ZBC as we give away tickets!

There will also be an exclusive, sexy party afterwards, but we aren't releasing those details just yet. Keep your ear to the ground.

In conjunction with drumming up some noise about our 35th anniversary show this Saturday at TT's, I thought it might be nice to post a review of Neptune's new record Gong Lakefrom today's issue of Pitchforkmedia.

Check it out: http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/article/record_review/49975-gong-lake

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Finally, That Long Awaited Times New Viking Session

So, you may recall a couple months ago we had Times New Viking in the studio to record some songs especially for ZBC. You may then recall how we promised to make those tracks available on the blog. And then you waited. And waited some more. Maybe you went out to lunch, read a book, or listened to some Todd Rundgren. Still no tracks. You started to give up hope, you began to frequent the ERS site, these were dark times...

Well I am happy to announce that we have finally made the whole session available to our listeners. Just peep the Mediafire link below, download and unpack the .zip file, and you'll be able to have the whole thing in MP3 format. Depending on if we really get our act together, there may even be some footage too (don't hold your breath). You see? We would never break our commitment to you. Never.

Times New Viking at WZBC Studios, 2/23

Eternally Yours,

Nick (Spectra Sonic Sound)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

WZBC now in iTunes

It's official: WZBC is now in the iTunes radio directory under the new College Radio category. All of our streams (128/56/24) are there, which means WZBC can be heard in multiple formats anywhere iTunes can be downloaded in the free and not-so-free worlds. Undoubtedly this means more unsuspecting listeners will happen upon WZBC's eclectic awesomeness.

So tell all your friends and relatives how they can easily listen to WZBC because of our new exclusive relationship with Apple computers and Steve Jobs (yeah it's a fib, but sometimes fibs are necessary for great things to happen).

Doug (Pinwheels of Your Mind, Wed. 7-10pm) and Judy (WZBC's adviser) and I have worked on this for a while -- thanks to them for willing this to happen.

Cafe of Shame
Sundays 10p-midnight

Monday, April 7, 2008

Derrick May Test Pattern this Friday

As many of you may know, every Friday night, WZBC does a one hour focus on a single artist or label or scene or category or maybe some other constraint that hasn't yet been imagined. One poor DJ gets stuck in the studio for an hour racking his or her brain for the best or rarest of what-have-you.

On April 11 at 6PM, Test Pattern presents the ever-pugnacious innovator; head of the Metroplex subsidiary Transmat Records; two-time organizer of Movement: Detroit Electronic Music Festival; resident DJ at The Music Institute in Detroit; and former radio host: the one and only Derrick May!*

God, I can barely fit the marketing hype into an hour!

Anyway, there will be music from across Mr. May's long career from 1987 on up to the present (well the past year anyway); including both classics and rarities; co-productions, originals, and remixes. If anyone has footage of Mr. May at Movement 2004, riding around on a golf cart, asking for donations through his megaphone, feel free to send that to me and I'll play that too :)

So anyway, listen Friday at 6PM to 90.3 FM or wzbc.org!

* There may be other people named Derrick May.

(presented by Matt K from Friday NCP2)